In my decade working in New York City in a variety of industries and positions, I have picked up a varied and extremely applicable set of skills in this time of "peak content." Not only am I able to write on just about any topic and optimize it for SEO, but I'm also well-versed in a host of digital and content marketing skills, samples of which can be viewed in my portfolio. Below is a list of the different services I offer as well as some examples of the types of service packages I offer. Rates are determined based on the particular job. Email me at to learn more about what I can do for individuals, small businesses, and corporations looking to enhance their image through creative content marketing and SEO.

SEO Services


  • More than doubled YOY traffic to

  • Earned 200,000+ links through effective content marketing

  • Intensive site audit using a combination of both software and manual investigation to diagnose pain points in terms of most urgent
  • Resolve onsite metadata issues (missing alt tags, optimize headers, etc.) while optimizing site's code to rank for priority keywords
  • Develop and create written, video, or visual content that is in line with a brand's values to drive organic search traffic and earn quality links
  • Revise existing web content or create all new web content that is optimized for priority keywords and structured to ensure optimal site crawl
  • Link earning through blogger and influencer outreach and content marketing
  • Backlink analysis to identify link earning opportunities and negative SEO
  • SEO consulting specializing in branded content, creative marketing, custom KPIs, eCommerce SEO, and link earning

Content Marketing Services

  • Content has earned write-ups in The Guardian, Complex, Time Magazine, Jezebel, Indiewire, and hundreds of other high-quality sites
  • Consultation assessing a company's current efforts and developing a content strategy to increase visibility and traffic, earn quality backlinks and press, and how to achieve SEO goals through content marketing
  • Content manager, overseeing team of content producers to implement branded editorial duties alongside measuring and reporting ROI and conceiving future content campaigns
  • Content producer specializing in writing and research in service of writing blog pieces, short- and long-form articles, infographics, scriptwriting and storyboarding, brochure and in-house marketing materials, etc.
  • Development of onsite or stand-alone from conceptualization to execution, using content tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends to identify article topics that reinforce a brand's core value while driving new traffic
  • Intellectual property development, including name development, branding, brand philosophy, content strategies, and more

Writing & Editing Services

  • Article writing for content and search marketing agencies and businesses
  • Branding material including brochures, web content, blogs, and brand books
  • Web content writing including company and product write-ups, proofing, and blogging.
  • Web and book editing