Freelance Writing

Pretty much from the moment I arrived in Brooklyn in 2007, I was already known first and foremost by my writing as one-third of the irascible These Rocks Pop blog. Of course, as my twenties continued their death march towards unrealized dreams and bad life decisions, near the end of that I found myself doubling down on the freelance writing work I would do here and there in the past, but now I was committed to pursuing it as both a secondary income stream and as a way to hone my writing skills. I hope to some day be able to live solely off of my writing as it has become one of my greatest joys. Below are a few of the sites and blogs I have published.

Gathering of The Tribes

Since September of 2016, I have contributed a number of reviews covering a wide variety of art shows and movies for the site Gathering of the Tribes. I have covered shows like the Whitney Biennial and Agnes Martin and films such as Moonlight, Snowden, and I Am Not Your Negro.

Extra Paycheck Online Blogging

Since March 2017, I have authored two articles a week on everything from digital marketing to affiliate marketing to how to start a home business and work from home. Leveraging my own experience as a freelancer, I advise beginners to earning income online on how to get started and get the most for their time.

Autism Academy Blog in multiple Arizona Locations

Until last month, I had spent every week of the past two years writing two articles a week on autism. There's a large amount of potential topics to explore when discussing autism, from looking at recent studies and research to autism's role in popular culture.

Nanina's in the Park Wedding Blog

Similar to the Park Savoy, which is owned by the same group, Nanina's in the Park offers a serene location for your wedding while not requiring you to drive too far out of the city. Having written blogs for them on and off for four years, they are a client I know and like well.

The Stranger

One of the most nationally respected local alternative newspapers around, I write weekly show previews for the music section with a focus on electronic music and rap including Mono/Poly, Loefah, and E-40. Additionally, I have written an essay on Harry Partch and a primer on the genre of IDM.

Adaptive Imagination Digital Marketing 

Having worked with Raj Mehta and Steve Puerto on and off for over 4 years, I have a great relationship with the both of them, who run the digital marketing firm Adaptive Imagination. I write two weekly articles on SEO and social media.

Litt's Plumbing Blog

One of the things I genuinely love about blogging and content production is that you learn how to take what are seemingly the most dull topics and make them fun and informative for a wide audience to find via organic search, While home respiration is a big topic, Litt's had a narrow set of keywords to foci on so I really had to get inventive in how I approached the content.

Park Savoy Estate Hall Blog

The Park Savoy Estate is a New Jersey wedding venue for whom I've been writing social posts and blogs on-and-off for four years. My topics tend to cover the major seasonal trends, dress ideas, and ways to personalize your big day.

New City Movers Blog Posts & Management

Since April 2017, I have worked with BrainChild Marketing in Chicago, IL to create two blog posts a week on basic and complex moving tips and topics related to professional movers while scheduling the other set of posts on neighborhoods and keeping the content calendar updated.

PONO By Joan Goodman Jewelry Descriptions and Consulting

The first job I found after moving to New York was as a button courier for Bobbi Trim, Ltd. I walked all over the garment district, delivering buttons to the likes of Anna Sui and Ralph Lauren until my wonderful boss, Barbara Barnett, decided I would be the company's first digital marketing director (this was 2007). Today I still write all of the product descriptions and anything else Barbara and her sister Joan need.