Radio/Podcast Appearances

Maybe it's just living in New York where 1 in 5 people have a podcast--I made that up, but you kind of believed me, didn't you?--or the fact that I really love music and pop culture and make these facts well known, but I have definitely appeared on radio shows and podcasts more times than I'd have ever imagined. Check out these three below and check back for more as I have both radio appearances planned and mixes to record!

The Lot Radio, 2/29/17 & 5/8/17

There aren't many radio stations that you will drop everything if asked to play a slot. I got to do my second and third appearance this year, first splitting a slot with my friend, Ghostly recording artist and one-half of Teengirl Fantasy Logan Takahashi. The other was an epic 4-hour set that didn't get recorded.

Worst Episode Ever: Helter Shelter

My first appearance on Worst Episode Ever. Jack Picone and Dan Muhall were nice to have me on for the first of two appearances on their labor of love. Unlike most Simpsons podcast that focus on what people like, Dan and Jack are out for blood as they skewer episode after episode, in search of the very worst. 

WFMU Guest Slot 1/12/17

There aren't many other radio stations in the world more respected and revered than the free-format, user-supposrted WFMU in New Jersey. So when I was given a chance to spin a ninety-minute set with my bud Jon Flores, well, there was no was I could say no. It was a 3-6am slot, but believe me, if you're a DJ given such an opportunity, you suck it up and do the best job you possible can, if not more. Incredible experience and one I hope to repeat

The Lot Radio Monday Breakfast Show, 10/3/16

Friend, fellow music enthusiast, and musician, playing sax in Archie Pelago amongst many other musical endeavors, Zach Koeber does a weekly radio show with Stephanie Neptune, aka Space Jams. With Zach out of town, I filled in and besides having my fair share of flubs, had a pretty great Monday morning!

8-Ball Radio Show, Mondays at 3pm

Since January 2017, I've been doing a biweekly radio show on the truly community-funded 8-Ball Radio in NYC. First broadcasting from their SoHo studios, I now do the shows from my apartment every other Monday from 12-3 or 3-6pm, drawing on my vast reserve of records to keep things lively.


Worst Episode Ever: The Blue and the Gray

I was asked to be on the show after Jack Picone, a former colleague, asked me about my love for the Simpsons and in my response, I mentioned that I had watched the entire series twice in the past year. In all of those episodes, there wasn't one I disliked more than "The Blue and the Gray." This is my revenge.