Gender Inequality in Film Infographic, New York Film Academy, November 2013

Having come up with this idea in a brainstorming session with my colleague Simon Sedorenko at the start of November, this was a perfect storm of my abilities as a writer, researcher, and trend forecaster dovetailed neatly with Simon's experience in publishing infographics as a means to earning links for clients. The campaign was hands-down the single most successful content marketing effort ever in NYFA's history, earning tens of thousands of links and coverage from such sites as The Guardian, HuffPo, Time, BuzzFeed, Salon, Complex, Elle, Indiewire, Women and Hollywood, and perhaps the one I'm still most proud of, Jezebel (they even mentioned me by name!) 

For me, the unbelievably massive success of this campaign gave me the confidence to finally realize that I could compete at a national level when given the resources (including a fantastic freelance graphic designer who I will link to as soon as I can). Timed to come out the Monday after The Hunger Games: Catching Fire made box office history with its female lead, Jennifer Lawrence, this infographic pulled together many of the extremely eye-opening and in-depth research on gender inequality in front and behind the camera into one place, and it struck a chord at a time when the current debate about representation was still at a tipping point, and I truly believe this piece helped in the conversation as it's something I still am contacted about by young, mostly female students upon whom it made a massive impression. While it was flattering to get public praise from the likes of Julie Delpy, seeing how content marketing could really spark an earnest debate while indirectly and considerably raising the Academy's profile. Indeed, when Anna Serner, head of the Swedish Film Council, spoke at the Academy this past April at my urging, her contacting the president in the first place was due to the esteem earned by this piece.