Nick Zurko Portfolio

Having worked in digital marketing for nearly ten years now and written for pretty much the entirety of my adult life, not to mention for some time before that, I've amassed a large and varied back catalog of work. Containing infographics, writing samples, video work, and much more, each piece speaks to a long time spent in the trenches so to speak. Since making the decision to pursue my writing and content work more seriously, I've been committed to constantly improving my craft, while learning from my past successes and the occasional miss.


Green Sky Comic Series

One of the only personal pieces included here, Green Sky has been nothing short of life-changing for myself. Fulfilling a long-gestating dream of writing graphic novels, my close friend and up-and-coming artist David Barnett brought me on to serve as the writer half of our artist/writer partnership.

Proto- Website for Gentle Monster USA

The primary reason I was brought on as Content Manager at Gentle Monster USA was to develop and run a site that would serve to both generate leads for the company's space design service while also establishing the brand's curatorial sensibility through featuring a wide range of artists, designers, and musicians.

Gender Inequality Infographic for New York Film Academy

This was another big one for me. Having started at NYFA in the fall of 2013, I came up with the idea in conversation with a colleague whose experience with infographics and my insight made for a truly effective campaign.

New York Film Academy Student Resources

Conceived of with my SEO manager at the time, I wrote and oversaw the creation of over 500 articles across NYFA's main disciplines as a means to improve keyword ranking, drive traffic, and bolster the authority of the Academy. Though the project was initially overseen by myself and two others, I ended up managing it myself for its second year and it significantly helped to double the organic search traffic to 

Prima Facie for Gentle Monster USA

I spent the summer of 2016 consumed by a number of projects for the Korean sunglasses company Gentle Monster, one of which was a storewide installation and film that I entitled Prima Facie, both focused on the passage of time and the creation of history.

Racial Inequality in Hollywood Infographic and Panel

In addition to compiling an extensive infographic looking at the current realities of Black Hollywood on screen and behind the camera, I worked with former NYFA Chair of Diversity Cheryl Bedford to organize a panel of black actors, producers, directors, and more to discuss their experiences in film and TV.

Freelance Writing, 2007-2016

Since well before graduating from Grinnell College with a Philosophy and History double major, one of the few talents I would actually cop to was writing, although I didn't start referring to myself as one until I was 31!  At every single job I've ever had, I've been the one to write everything, especially since I've been a long-time advocate of content marketing. Today, I write for national publications and companies of all varieties.

Drugs in Film Infographic & Videographic for NYFA

This was actually not a topic of my choosing, and a rather nebulous one to present as an infographic. While I'm proud of the research I did for this piece, this is a good example of why too many cooks in the kitchen doesn't bode well for content marketing success. The videograph included was at least a better format for the topic, so check it out!

Tom Tom Magazine Electronic Music Issue

Serving as guest editor, I worked with founder/editor Mindy Abovitz to write a selection of artist interviews and profiles, scene overviews, books reviews, and more to explore the contemporary electronic music scene as it relates to female drummers. 

Artist Statements

A service I would like to expand, growing up in an arts household gave me a head start on learning how to write an artist statement, and work with artists who are struggling with their statement to present their work as they intend while keeping it readily accessible.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 7.51.07 PM.png

 Future Stock Music Blog

During a period of downtime in between working at USAWeb and NYFA, I worked on a music blog where I essentially reviewed the dance 12"'s and albums I was buying and listening to regularly. Though my interest in the site didn't last much beyond that winter, it still contains a few of my favorite pieces, including reviews on In Aeternam Vale, Prurient, Pye Corner Audio, and WT Records.

Radio Appearances & Mixes

Having been on a couple radio shows and podcast--both of which I absolutely loved, I thought I shared those episodes from Worst Episode Ever and The Lot Radio, showing off both my unique vocal and mixing abilities. More to come soon!