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136 Wyckoff Ave. Apt. 3L Brooklyn, NY 11237                                                                 


Mobile: 330.464.7834                                                                                                                     

Facebook: /zurkonic

Twitter/Instagram: @zurkonic


As a creative content strategist and SEO who excels at analytics, I have more than quadrupled clients' YOY organic search traffic by 450+% through my acumen in SEO and strategic content development aimed at the intersection of internet and IRL culture. I am a published author, blogger, web content writer, and digital content producer with ten years digital marketing experience as an SEO specialist and content strategist. I increase sales and brand growth through my content-focused SEO strategies.

Past Experience

Freelance Writer; New York, NY –  2011 - 2017

  • Re-wrote web content for Morgan & Morgan site in spring 2017
  • Write for such publications as TomTom Mag, Gathering of the Tribes, and The Stranger
  • Run a private culture site that combines music reviews, artist interviews, and essays
  • Published Green Sky comic book with David Barnett and handled the marketing

Private Tutor and Nanny; New York, NY – November 2016 - May 2017

  • Worked with talented but academically struggling fifteen-year-old as a homework coach in addition to counseling and therapy
  • Nannied for his twelve-year-old brother and ten-year-old sister when their mother was out of town, taking them to school and extracurriculars, and cooking them home meals

Digital Marketing Consultant; New York, NY – 2011 - Present

  • .Have worked with a wide variety of small and medium-sized businesses such as Whiteboard Pictures, Productive Corporation, and individual clients to boost their site traffic and improve content quality
  • Produced 1000+ blog articles about topics including film, music, culture, autism, marketing, home care, and more

Digital Marketing Manager, Productive Corp; Minneapolis, MN –March 2017 - July 2017

  • Contract position to improve onsite content and SEO, implement SMO campaign, and develop content strategy that company is still following, resulting in 250% increase in YOY traffic and engagement.

Content Manager, Gentle Monster USA; New York, NY – May 2016 - September 2016

  • Conceptualized and developed GM’s content marketing strategy to raise the company’s online presence
  • Oversaw the design and editorial direction of Proto-, an online cultural curation channel
  • Wrote and managed the creation of the GM holding company’s, Every Global, website and brand book

Digital Marketing Specialist, New York Film Academy; New York, NY – 2013-May 2016

  • Oversaw SEO and content marketing for & its various subdomains, analyzing data to enact strategies
  • Drove 110% YOY monthly increase in organic search traffic over two-year period through creating three content hubs
  • Used keyword and content tools to develop 700+ targeted articles that make up over half of top 50 monthly landing pages
  • Created content covered by The Guardian, Time, Jezebel, Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Complex, IndieWire & more
  • Put together monthly & weekly reports assessing keyword ranking, visitor behavior & traffic channels

Content Strategist Self-Employed; New York, NY – 2011 - Present

  • Provide full range of SEM services (SEO, PPC, SMO) for artists, fashion startups, & digital marketing firms
  • Drive traffic and increase visibility through blogging, SEO site evaluation & backlink analysis
  • Produced 500+ blog articles about topics including film, music, video games, autism, digital marketing & more

Paolo Costagli Inc., Ecommerce Director; New York, NY – 2012-2013

  • Developed & managed online store using Joomla while forming digital marketing strategies to drive traffic
  • Implemented SEO on company’s site to recover from Penguin penalty & achieve page one rankings
  • Managed PPC and social media marketing campaigns resulting in 200% increase in online sales of jewelry

USAWeb Solutions, Marketing Manager; New York, NY – 2011-2013

  • Project manager on a variety of SEM, SMO, PPC, content marketing & development projects for clients
  • Created all in-house content marketing materials and web content & storyboarded original video content

PONO Jewelry, Online Marketing Manager; New York, NY – 2007-2010

  • Initiated company’s digital marketing strategies through SEO, PPC, & SMO & developed online brand


Grinnell College; Grinnell, IA – BA in Philosophy and History, 2007 – 3.7 GPA

Relevant Skills

SEM: AdWords (Keyword Research), Google Anlaytics, Yext, GetSTAT, Drupal, Wordpress, BuzzSumo, SEMRush, Moz, Twitter, Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat
Content Management: MSOffice, HTML, PhotoShop, Google Webmaster Tools, Omniture, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, WordPress, Charbeat

References available upon request at zurkonic at gmail dot com.


During my eleven years working in New York City in a variety of industries and positions, I have picked up a varied and extremely applicable set of skills and a deep understanding of how to optimize one's brand during this time of "peak content." Not only am I able to write on just about any topic and optimize it for SEO, but I'm also well-versed in a host of digital and content marketing skills--including research, innovation, and reading the trends--samples of which can be viewed in my portfolio. But that's only one side of my story.

I also have worked for Taskrabbit on and off for the past year where I have done everything from nannying and tutoring to yard work and senior care. Below is more information on some of my many abilities.

SEO Services

-Intensive site audit using a combination of both software and manual investigation to diagnose pain points in terms of most urgent
-Resolve onsite metadata issues (missing alt tags, optimize headers, etc.) while optimizing site's code to rank for priority keywords
-Develop and create written, video, or visual content that is in line with a brand's values to drive organic search traffic and earn quality links
-Revise existing web content or create all new web content that is optimized for priority keywords and structured to ensure optimal site crawl
-Link earning through blogger and influencer outreach and content marketing
-Backlink analysis to identify link earning opportunities and negative SEO
-SEO consulting specializing in branded content, creative marketing, custom KPIs, eCommerce SEO, and link earning

Content Marketing Services

-Content has earned write-ups in The Guardian, Complex, Time Magazine, Jezebel, Indiewire, HuffPo, Buzzfeed, and hundreds of other high-quality sites
-Branding material including brochures, web content, blogs, and brand books
-Development of short- and long-term content strategies and content calendars for a varety platforms

Writing & Editing Services

-Work has appeared in Tom Tom Mag, The Stranger, Gathering of the Tribes, and much more
-Web content writing including company and product write-ups, proofing, and blogging
-Web and book editing
-Article writing for content and search marketing agencies and businesses

Taskrabbit Services

In addition to the ten successful years I spent full-time in digital marketing and while I continue to consult companies like Whiteboard Pictures, PONO, Productive Corporation on how to best improve their web presence, I also do a wide raft of jobs through the Taskrabbit App. Here's a full list of them and please visit my profile to see my rates. Additionally, please read this note I crafted following several nightmare scenarios with disrespectful clients. I love helping other people and if I can get paid for it, well, that's the dream in my book.

Arts & Crafts - I come from a family of artists. Arts & crafts were central, be it teaching kids how to work with paper maîche to helping family members and friends scrapbook. I am a creative who has done design for decades and love bringing a fresh touch to a home or office space.

Cleaning - I have cleaned apartments all over the city and genuinely enjoy helping people who don't typically hire a professional cleaner to give their home that extra shine. 

Computer Help - I've worked in digital marketing for ten years and am deeply familiar with the tech world. I can handle everything from getting your computer set up to building you your own website to troubleshooting tech issues and improving your online visibility.

Data Entry - Having worked as a digital marketer specializing in SEO and analytics in addition to being a professional writer and data analyst, I am extremely comfortable entering data into a spreadsheet and completing other data-related tasks.

Decorations - Coming from a show promotion and creative background, I have helped to set up extremely involved party decoration alongside more straight-forward tasks like holiday decorations and moving around of furniture to create more space.

Delivery - Punctual, detail-focused, and kind, I do my work with a smile and focus on delivering your goods to you as quickly and effectively as possible. I have worked as a professional courier for several years and am deeply familiar with navigating the city.

Entertainment  - I am a professional keyboardist and drummer with twenty years of live band experience, a vinyl and digital DJ with ten years professional experience, and excel at providing musical entertainment of all varieties, no matter the occasion.

Errands - My first gig when I moved to New York ten years ago was as a courier in the garment district and I've always enjoyed briskly running errands and delivering packages as I am reliable and quick.

Furniture Assembly - Though I am more a creative than a handy person, I grew up in my father's woodshop and possess a true zeal for assembling furniture and other items, be they from IKEA or are more involved than that. I genuinely enjoy bringing a person's home to life.

Heavy Lifting - As a professional drummer, I've been moving heavy items for nearly two decades and while I might not be able to lift the heaviest item, I can carry upwards of 100 lbs. at a time and can work for extended periods due to my good shape.

Marketing - I am a ten-year veteran of digital marketing specializing in SEO and Content Strategy. I have helped enterprise-level sites like triple their YOY traffic through a multi-platform content marketing. I am also happy doing junior-level work.

Minor Home Repairs - Having lived in NYC for a decade, I have acquired the skills to complete a wide variety of home repairs, from mounting TV's and shelving units to painting and replacing old lightbulbs and batteries. I bring a passion for getting the job done right.

Moving Help - I have both done moving work professionally and helped an endless stream of friends move apartments, so I am very adept at moving in the city.

Office Administration - Having performed office administrative jobs for over ten years working at both small and large companies alongside personal assistant work, my organization know-how and experience with professional environments makes me a great asset to any office!

Organization - In addition to working in libraries and serving a a research assistant over the years, as a DJ and writer with massive book and record collections, I have mastered the art of cataloging, managing and dispensing of collections and goods of all types.

Packing - Having lived in NYC for ten years with a massive book and record collection, packing is something that has become second-nature to me and I frequently assist friends and clients in helping them to pack their goods effectively and efficiently.

Painting - I have painted a wide variety of spaces and apartments--with different colors for each room--to the outside of homes and minor finishing touches. I love painting and am methodical and efficient, from taping to cutting in (trim) to unique details.

Personal Assistant - I am a passionate and hard-working young person who has lived in both LA and NYC where I have served as the personal assistant to a number of notable authors. From running errands to organizing one's life, I possess a full range of essential skills.

Pet Sitting - In addition to 15 years of pet ownership, I have worked as a kennel assistant at Greenpoint Animal Hospital, sat for friends' dogs and cats, and am generally very attentive and loving towards animals. Their happiness and safety is my primary goal.

Research - Having completed my BA in philosophy and history at the esteemed Grinnell College in Iowa, I chose to enter the private sector rather than the academic economy like my parents. I've been doing research work both freelance and over for companies and institutions like Semiotext(e) and New York Film Academy in addition to assisting artists and scholars in their work. I am familiar with the essential tools and platforms such as JSTOR and am an extremely fast reader, able to complete a great volume of research quickly and with the utmost quality.

Selling Online - I have both done so and continue to write product descriptions for jewelry companies, educational institutions, and additional services and verticals including musical instruments, media (albums, movies), show listings, wedding venues, restaurants & much more.

Senior & Disabled Care - In addition to providing care for my own grandparents for over a decade, having a partially deaf sibling, and volunteering in senior homes for over 15 years, I love caring and talking with those who require assistance due to age or a disability.

Shopping - I have served as a personal assistant to several writers and have done my share of shopping for them, which I can do more than competently and I also enjoy it! I get you your stuff as fast as I can.

Usability Testing - With a background in UX and UI as well as ten years in SEO where I did plenty of search testing, I have both the professional experience and sizable personal experience to make me an ideal candidate.

Web Design & Development - With working knowledge of HTML and CSS, I have built dozens of websites both for myself and for clients of varying sizes using Magento, Squarespace, and Wordpress CMS's with my own custom coding. I also provide all original web content from scratch.

Writing & Editing - I have been a professional writer for fifteen years, have published a comic book, written over a thousand blog articles for numerous clients, provided web content, authored eBooks and online guides, infographics, quizzes, listicles, and so much more.

Yardwork & Removal - Coming from the midwest, I have done yard work for decades, including raking leaves, mowing the lawn, planting new bushes and trees, watering plants and lawns, carrying off waste and setting up composting, and much more!