Drugs in Film Infographic and Videographic for New York Film Academy

While my first infographic at NYFA had been chosen by me and overseen by myself and my manager, the success of it led to the rather hands-on former president, the late Jerry Sherlock, deciding on the topics in advance. With this one, the allure of drugs led him to choosing the topic, although it's a far more nuanced topic than an infographic can readily demonstrate. And with my admittedly completist leanings, I realized upon completing my research that this would be best suited to the videographic format (which was first suggested by my colleague Jack Picone). Of course, for reasons beyond my control, we ended up creating the rather lengthy infographic you can view before, before the management realized that maybe a Videograph might be the way to go. While I wrote the initial script for the video, I had less input than I would have liked, but in a place like NYFA, there are plenty of people more trained in video than I am. That said, I wasn't stoked about the clickbait-y hook of the done-to-death "Do movies/games/music/TV shows cause drug use/sex/violence?" trope, but we tried it, and it didn't work. Moving on.  In terms of links, those mainly came in the form of positive mentions from anti-drug sites in addition to a rather nice write-up from the Washington Post.