Big People Don't Cry

We begin to hear before we are born, four and a half months after conception. From then on, we develop in a continuous and luxurious bath of sounds: the song of our mother's voice, the swash of her breathing, the trumpeting of her intestines, the timpani of her heart. Throughout the second four-and-a-half months, Sound rules as solitary Queen of our senses: the close and liquid world of uterine darkness makes Sight and Smell impossible, Taste monochromatic, and Touch a dim and generalized hint of what is to come.

-Walter Murch

Now, try listening to the above song without thinking of 10cc. Maybe possible before I mentioned it. Impossible after! And now to go back to the halcyon age of Moving Shadow…. Thanks Simon!

And I can’t not share this one…popmanic jungle vibes out of NJ in 1993, which, just, wow.