Keep Your Eyes Out On Your Heart

So why not hang up the academic hat of critical self-seriousness, set aside the intemperate arrogance of debunking—and enjoy? If you don't enjoy concepts and writing and don't feel that when you write you are adding something to the world, if only the enjoyment itself, and that by adding that ounce of positive experience to the world you are affirming it, celebrating its potential, tending its growth, in however small a way, however really abstractly—well, just hang it up. It is not that critique is wrong. As usual, it is not a question of right and wrong—nothing important ever is. Rather, it is a question of dosage. It is simply that when you are busy critiquing you are less busy augmenting. You are that much less fostering. There are times when debunking is necessary. But, if applied in a blanket manner, adopted as a general operating principle, it is counterproductive. Foster or debunk. It's a strategic question. Like all strategic questions, it is basically a question of timing and proportion. Nothing to do with morals or moralizing. Just pragmatic.

-Brian Massumi

Objections have never contributed anything.

-Gilles Deleuze

I always feel people love to drop this song and then make a comment about Spencer’s mental health…and it’s just like, are you even listening to what he’s saying in this? He feels, that’s all. Also, anyone that wishes/chooses to enter the music ‘business’ is instantly sus so….protect yoself.


Big People Don't Cry

We begin to hear before we are born, four and a half months after conception. From then on, we develop in a continuous and luxurious bath of sounds: the song of our mother's voice, the swash of her breathing, the trumpeting of her intestines, the timpani of her heart. Throughout the second four-and-a-half months, Sound rules as solitary Queen of our senses: the close and liquid world of uterine darkness makes Sight and Smell impossible, Taste monochromatic, and Touch a dim and generalized hint of what is to come.

-Walter Murch

Now, try listening to the above song without thinking of 10cc. Maybe possible before I mentioned it. Impossible after! And now to go back to the halcyon age of Moving Shadow…. Thanks Simon!

And I can’t not share this one…popmanic jungle vibes out of NJ in 1993, which, just, wow.