For An Album: O$VMV$M - O$VMV$M

Time for another detour! One parallel narrative we've been keeping an eye on for its shedding of many of its templated tropes bestowed upon it by virtue of the very symbolic sonic language of grime. Grime 2.0 or whatever the fuck you wanna call it has withered since its apex in 2014, yet it's good, fwd-thinking soldiers like Mumdance and Logos who have been keeping things interesting via their Different Circles imprint and weightless grime aesthetic. Perhaps one of the more bewitching mutations to emerge against this background has been the continued courting being enacted between grime and ambient/beatless music. 

But what is "ambient grime" if we were to advance such a notion? The rhythmic element of ambient music tends to be downplayed in favor of the more gaseous variety that seems to be perennially en vogue, but when fused with grime, an underlying pulse or grid-informed approach to progression is eventually going to come to the forefront. I've been familiar with the duo behind O$VMV$M for some time thanks to their involvement in the eleven-person Bristol-based Young Echo collective, who just released a long overdue twenty-four track synopsis of their various members' activities--members who include